IndustryReady Certification Course:


After overwhelming response from all of you, your Career Booster Protrainy is Presenting now the next best Opportunity in form of IndustryReady Certification Course on E-Tabs. IndustryReady Certification Course is a Civil Engineering software-based course on E-Tabs. This course will be two weeks long course. Join us for the party of knowledge sharing and career growth in Civil engineering at a minimal price. What are you WAITING for??

Benefits of Joining the Course!

  • Certificate on Completion
  • Max. 50 students in a batch
  • Direct interaction with Course Expert is allowed
  • Replay of recordings will be provided.
  • Software downloading and installation will be facilitated from our side.

E-Tabs Certification Course


    This course has been prepared to assume that the learners are completely

    new to the software and having some basic knowledge in Civil Engineering

    and Structural-Design field. The main purpose of this course to make learners

    familiar with Methodology used in Analysis and Design of RC Frame Structures

    with respect to Indian Standard Codes by using Manual Calculations as well as Computer Software E-Tabs,

    and MS Excel so, that they get crystal clear concepts while Designing RCC Frame Building Structures.

    Online Application Start Date: 12th September 2020

    Last date to apply: 27th September 2020

    Admit Card Available:

    Course Start Date: 28th September 2020

    Course End Date: 13th October 2020

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Course Content

  • Who is this Course for:Civil/Structural Engineers and Student/Graduate of Civil Engineering aspiring to become Structural Designer Beginner Learners of E-Tabs software.
  • Requirements and Pre-requisites:
    1. Computer System with Installed software ETABS and Microsoft Excel.
    2. Basic understanding of Building Materials.
    3. Structural Analysis w.r.t Axial Forces, Bending Moments and Shear Forces.
    4. Basic understanding of Design RCC of Structural Elements.
  • What you will Learn:
    1. Structural Planning of the Structure w.r.t. Codal Provisions of IS Codes.
    2. Load Calculations for different types of Loads, for Building Structure w.r.t. IS Codes.
    3. Analysis of RC Frame Structure with Computer Software E-Tabs.
    4. Manually Design Procedure w.r.t. to IS Codes for each type of Structural Sections - Footing, Column, Beam, Slab.
    5. Manually Design Procedure of Staircase, Design of Footings, Columns, Beams and Slabs with Microsoft Excel Sheets.
    6. Equivalent Static Analysis for RC Frame Structure as per IS 1893 (Part 1): 2016.
    7. Handful Operational Knowledge in Computer Software E-Tabs.
    8. Design-Detailing of Structural Sections.
    9. Use of Indian Standard Codes - IS 456, IS 875, IS 1893 (Part 1), IS 13920.
    10. Important aspects in Civil-Structural and Earthquake Engineering.
  • Learning Outcome:
    1. Analyse and Design of RC Frame Structure.
    2. Use of Indian Standard Codes.
    3. Handful Operational Knowledge in Computer Software ETABS.
    4. Important aspects in Civil-Structural and Earthquake Engineering.